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Why YMag?

We believe that behind every incredible entrepreneur, is an inner drive. We like to call it your Y…

We believe that YMag truly harnesses that special energy, captivated within the stories we feature on our site and in the pages of our printed magazine.

Our powerful, inspirational, educational, yet strongly ‘on purpose’ articles and stories, are aimed to target the most savviest, switched-on and heart centered female entrepreneurs in existence.

Thought Leaders

These women are rule-breakers, risk-takers and women who know that to succeed in business, they need to redefine the status quo.



YAwards, created by Australia’s leading women’s empowerment magazine YMag®, celebrates, encourages and inspires successful and aspiring women across Australia through their new awards program.



YMag Australia - Womens Business Magazine, advice, support and inspiration for female business owners

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Shar Moore

Shar Moore is the CEO/Founder of YMag®, a Multi-International Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author,

Mum and Nani. Her work with women globally, has led her to publish YMag®, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves, by living their Y.

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Styled by Mira-Maya. Photo by Vegemite Spaghetti. Positano, Amalfi Coast

Styled by Mira-Maya. Photo by Vegemite Spaghetti. Positano, Amalfi Coast