On Sunday, July 22, around Australia, we’re calling on everyone all around the nation to come together for the inaugural ‘YJuly’ Day, and ask each other, “So, what’s your Y?”.

The nation-wide event has been created to put you front and center, to raise awareness of just how many people there really are out there who are just existing day-to-day, and not living their true purpose in life… Their Y!

We’re inviting every one of you to come along and share your journey of discovery, and for those of you who’ve found your true flow in life, to share the moment you realised Y you are here.

With more than eight Australians taking their life each day, we believe we can raise awareness for suicide prevention by highlighting the reasons why people should embrace every day. By asking the important question, “What is your Why (Y)” we are creating a dialogue which inspires hope.

Your Path Forward Is Waiting...

It’s a day for all of us to come together, share stories, inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves.

With your support, YJuly will become an annual celebration for all of us, not just around Australia, but around the world.

Imagine finally meeting people, who are just like you. Craving to love their life. Craving to be visible and make a difference. Imagine meeting all of these people in one place. Imagine discussing the difference you want to make in the world with them and hearing their Y.

Lives will change. Including yours. Too many people feel they don’t belong and they have no gifts to share with the world. We are dedicating the inaugural 2018 #YJuly day to you.

Turn up. Show up and start awakening your true purpose in life. This could be the day everything changes for you. Now it’s time to choose a new future.

Your future.

We are waiting to meet you.

YMag is building an army of ‘YAmbassadors’ all over the country to get involved – if you’re bossy, passionate, organised, spirited and most of all, a true believer that everyone has a purpose in life, then we want to hear from you!

Please make contact with us to become involved in this day of celebration!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved in becoming a YAmbassador?

To become a #YAmbassador is simple. Gather your family and friends, pair up and ask each other ‘So, what’s your Y’? Everyone is requested to purchase a #YBangle where proceeds go towards Project RANI.

How many people do I have to gather?

You can gather as many as you want! 5 or 500. There is no number that makes this work, as remember, for everyone that attends, their lives may shift for the better.

How long does this go for?

The time is up to you. If you’re meeting at a coffee shop, or someone’s house, you can choose when it ends. As long as everyone has met everyone and heard each others Y’s, AND you have take a group #YSelfie to share on our Facebook page, you can finish when you like.

Do we need to take a photo or sign anything?

No, you don’t need to sign anything unless you want too, however, YES we do need a #YSelfie of everyone who attended doing the Y with their hands (refer to picture above). This needs to be shared on our YMag Facebook Page with the following hashtags #YJuly #YMag and #YSelfie.

As a YAmbassador, is there any cost for me to be involved?

No, only your time on the day and if you choose to support Project RANI by purchasing some #YBangles.

Will my name be mentioned in the next issue of YMag®?

Absolutely! The October issue of YMag, will feature a spread on the inaugrual #YJuly day and feature all YMabassadors names and as many #YJuly #YSelfies as we can squeeze in! Your time will not go unnoticed!

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Contact our office at and Katie will direct you to the right person.