#YJuly National Day

On Sunday, July 22, around Australia, we’re calling on everyone all around the nation to come together for the inaugural ‘YJuly’ Day, and ask each other, “So, what’s your Y?”.

The nation-wide event has been created to put you front and centre, to raise awareness of just how many people there really are out there who are just existing day-to-day, and not living their true purpose in life… Their Y!

We’re inviting every one of you to come along and share your journey of discovery, and for those of you who’ve found your true flow in life, to share the moment you realised Y you are here.

YMag is building an army of ‘YAmbassadors’ all over the country to get involved – if you’re bossy, passionate, organised, spirited and most of all, a true believer, we want to hear from you! Please make contact with us to become involved in this day of celebration!

It’s a day for all of us to come together, share stories, inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves.

With your support, YJuly will become an annual celebration for all of us, not just around Australia, but around the world.

Mark the day in your calendar and check here for more information soon.