“The Unhappy Smile” by Tracey Horton

In her own words, Tracey Horton is an ordinary, everyday person.
Though those that meet and know her, will most certainly tell you otherwise.

Like many people, Tracey has a story to tell.

It’s a story about her 20-year journey and struggle moving from brokenness to becoming whole after years of abuse and putting on an unhappy smile. Up until now, Tracey has only shared this story with her closest friends, and sometimes not all of it, because it’s oftentimes too hard digging up the past. But that’s exactly what she has done in this, her first book.

The Unhappy Smile was released on March 26, and it’s with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that Tracey anticipates the moment; “I have laid out my life in the book, there is no room to hide after this.”

“The book is an example of a simple, normal women who found some answers,” she adds. “It’s a self help book with my story woven through it, with some exercises at the end of every chapter to help you work through any of your own challenges.”

Her story is confronting, but only by virtue of what she has endured. What makes it so special is not so much the story in itself, but rather how Tracey has worked through it, emerging gracefully and lovingly onto calm waters after navigating unimaginable turbulence early on in life.

It’s Tracey’s heart that shines through in this book.

Not one to wallow in self-pity, she’s always had an unshakable compassion for others, and helping and inspiring people has long been a passion for this gifted communicator.

Tracey and her family at the Book Launch in Raby Bay March 26th, 2017

“When I think of this book, I imagine people young and old, men and woman – all reading it. I can see it on coffee tables and in airports. I can see teenagers talking to their parents over it and I can see couples reconciling through it,” says Tracey.

The Unhappy Smile is the first of three books to be released, and contains a strong thread guiding its readers towards becoming the very best versions of their authentic selves. It’s Tracey’s story and experience, and in many ways it was the key that unlocked the door to freedom for her.

Not one to keep the keys to herself, Tracey has packed the book with deep insights into understanding yourself and others, with unashamed references to her own experiences with abuse and brokenness.

The book speaks life and in the words of country singer Adam Brand, “I needed to read this book, you need to read this book, the whole world needs to read this book.”

Tracey Horton speaking live at the Book Launch

One cant shake the sense that once it’s released to the wider world, The Unhappy Smile will have as profound an impact on its readers as it does for those who meet Tracey Horton in person.

To purchase your copy of The Unhappy Smile, Click HERE: https://www.traceyhorton.com/

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