Rachel Main

Interior designer, CEO and Founder of Good & Eco Interiors - Rachel Main, is at the forefront of an exciting new trend in home design – healthy, eco-conscious, sustainable, ‘green’ interiors. The green movement has taken off in virtually every other consumer goods business, so why not in interior design? There are more and more ‘green’ products available these days, from odor-free, zero-VOC paints to solar paneling, bamboo and cork flooring, kitchen cabinets made from recycled paper and good old-fashioned recycled antique furniture.

Rachel excelled at high school in all subjects but didn’t know what she wanted to do as a career. So, she studied accounting at university before ultimately switching to marketing.

She took naturally to developments in IT and led a major New Zealand bank to launch its first website and another major bank, its first customer-driven internet banking service for retail and business customers.

A dormant love of renovation and interior design rose to the surface, however, and she relocated to Sydney to study interiors, graduating in 2008. After drifting back to corporate work to make ends meet, she took a redundancy and enrolled herself in a course to become a Green Certified Designer.

Green design has always been part of her own personal and environmental awareness journey as she had allergies growing up. Paint, synthetic rubber and plastic shoe fumes gave her instant headaches and she was also allergic to pollen, grass and dust.

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To influence today’s and tomorrow’s future, for better wellbeing for humans and the environment.
— Rachel Main