Kirsty Fields

Kirsty Fields has over 20 years of experience in the event management business. She has coordinated everything from kids’ events to national sports games. As an eager student of modern digital and promotional techniques, she has expanded her business into new areas of marketing expertise to offer her clients. She offers many types of workshops to help train companies in social media, digital marketing and branding, and can provide training to accommodate anyone.

Like so many people, I had my own MySpace and various other social accounts from my uni days. I had also used Facebook, but not as a business tool. It wasn’t anything anyone imagined back then.

I fell in love with the ability to ‘meet’ and reach others online. But more than that, social media allowed me to sell tickets to events, invite people to support philanthropic activities and move them emotionally. The events side of my business has been something that’s come naturally to me. I started managing events in the late 1990s and, with every career change I’ve had, my events experience was identified and used by my employers along the way.

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It was the realisation of social media’s power to assist business owners to relay their message online that led me to adding social media as a focus in my business.
— Kirsty Fields