Kerry Hort Rowe

Kerry Hort Rowe, CEO and Founder of Brain Thinking is a business advocate with a passion for helping to create an amazing work environment for staff and clients alike – and, in turn, helping businesses to grow and thrive. She works with all kinds of clients, from beauty salons and spas to accountants, artists and building and manufacturing companies. She particularly enjoys interacting with customer service teams in the retail space to improve their performance.

Kerry has a 38-year background in the beauty business and corporate world. She applies the successful lessons she learned there to a wide variety of different business situations. Kerry is also a great speaker and motivator, empowering and energising staff to outperform all expectations. She has a soft spot for small companies and has first-hand experience of how tough it is to wear many hats and how small decisions can often mean the difference between success and failure.

I’m able to go into a workplace and see what they don’t. I’m a fresh set of eyes to look at how they do and don’t do things. When you are in your workplace all the time, you don’t often see what others see. With a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of the problem areas, I help them take action and tweak things! I don’t go in and change their business, but instead help make it a better version of what they already have.
— Kerry Hort Rowe

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