Kathy Paget

A licensed financial adviser for over 25 years, Kathy Paget learned about financial planning early in life. She is one of seven children and vividly remembers how her mum would divvy up her dad’s fortnightly paycheque into a series of bottles so that she knew they had enough to pay the bills and feed the family.

‘In a sense, this is what I do with my clients every day – I identify their goals and then show them how to allocate or deploy their money or investments to achieve those goals in the time frames that work for them,‘ Kathy explains.

For 10 years after leaving high school, she was employed in a variety of jobs where she learned to work unsupervised, to stretch herself and to go that extra mile – and above all, to never stop learning. So, when the opportunity came along to set up her own financial planning business, she did not hesitate.

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‘I believe that financial security is a right, not a privilege and that everyone deserves to create their own financial roadmap based on their values, their goals and their own financial destination. I imagine a world where everyone receives the best financial advice which continues to put them in a better position for the rest of their lives.
— Kathy Paget