Jennifer Sharp

Jennifer Sharp discovered the power of words at a very young age. She adored English at school, listening to stories and then writing her own. She eventually became a classroom teacher, coaching and mentoring other teachers along the way.

Jennifer decided to give up her day job to pursue publishing. Books were always a part of her life and she felt there were stories from the heart that needed to be told. She came to realise that she wanted, and needed, to do things differently. She considers the traditional book industry to be behind the ball.

‘It needs a good shake up, it needs to be disrupted’, she says. ‘No one wants to wait at least three years to get their story into print.’

Frustrated by the prolonged submissions process that is the norm, she couldn’t understand the lack of control authors had over their own books and was surprised that none of the larger publishers seemed to be adapting to the times.

At the end of the day, she knew no one was going to work harder than she would to produce the best possible version of her book, and no one else was going to put in the insane hours needed to get an unknown author and title in front of new readers. She wanted creative control over her own work and control over the production schedule and marketing.

So, with a brilliant mentor by her side, Daisy Lane Publishing was born. The concept was to mentor and nurture aspiring authors, supporting them in every aspect of their journey.

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Books empower. Books give strength and offer hope in so many ways. Books inspire, motivate, give courage and drive passion regardless of one’s age
— Jennifer Sharp