Jane Marin

Jane Marin describes herself as a soul artist, dancer, writer and bohemian. One look at her work will tell you that she is a spiritual person whose art goes much deeper than the canvas upon which it is painted. Ask her and she will tell you it is the essential healing power of art that brings out her creativity and excites her passion. Her life is about giving others the opportunity to heal through what she paints and seeing them light up at her work is Y she does what she does.

In essence, Jane’s artwork is about love - the love for what she does, the love that goes into her art and the love she hopes people will receive from it. It’s about self-love, acceptance and the acknowledgement that we are all one. Combine her unmistakable passion with a technical talent that is undeniable and a direction that combines spirituality, soulfulness and healing and you have a powerful artistic force to be reckoned with.

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Love is the ultimate healer, so my work is infused with love and created with the intention of healing its recipient
— Jane Marin