Felicia Richardson

Growing up in a block of flats was a great environment – one of inclusion and mutual support. The sense of community she learned as a youngster became essential to her views on management and achieving societal good.

With solid credentials in business, accounting and computer programming under her belt, Felicia started working for the ANZ Banking Group, where she was recognised as a leader through their Talent Program and was exposed to outstanding training opportunities.

CEO at the time, John Macfarlane, renamed Human Resources to People Capital – a fundamental shift in mindset – and invested in staff ‘wellness’ programs, such as meditation, yoga and mindfulness. This period formed the bedrock of her leadership and management style.

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It has been interesting to note that men will apply for a role with approximately 50% of the required skills whilst most women applicants are overqualified, particularly women coming back into the workforce after a prolonged absence. Companies do not know where to place these women. They are too experienced for one role but there’s a perception that their skills have gone stale whilst away from the workforce. In every instance I have found this to be false
— Felicia Richardson