Y the CEO of YMag, Shar Moore Started The Magazine

Meet YMag’s Founder & CEO, Shar Moore


Shar Moore, the YWoman herself…an International Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mum and Nani.

So Y did Shar start a magazine with no experience?

Sitting in her home office in late 2012, Shar Moore was frustrated, as she desperately craved for a Magazine that focussed purely on stories of others who had walked her walk and could shine the light for her to follow. She was struggling to find the inspiration to keep going, as she had just endured her ‘Broke to BMW’ period in her Business, after being indirectly affected by the devastating Queensland Floods.

She yearned for stories of other women who had overcome adversity, found their purpose in life and found a way to turn their dreams into a reality. She knew it was possible, but needed written proof!

Yet what was to the point of overwhelm, was all the stories and features of celebrities, who lived surreal and sometimes false lives, skinny young models, wearing unaffordable fashion and secrets on the latest diet fad that was sure to make her look 21 again! At age 40 something, Shar was not impressed and certainly not drawn to parting with her cash, on something that was more than likely to going to make her feel worse, not better…

Which got Shar thinking… was she the only one?

Or where there more women out there who felt like her about the Magazine industry?

So, she did what any good entrepreneur should do, she asked them!

Well, you can imagine the responses that came back… “Shar, we never buy them as they are trashy”, said one lady. “I buy them, but certainly not to learn how to grow my business, mainly to see the beautiful houses”.

One of Shar’s favourite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi… ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And she knew she had to do something.

So in February 2013, YMag was born online, bursting with stories of everyday women and men, living their true purpose in life and well Y not, Shar was the cover girl!


Since then, it has been quite a journey, to say the least.

With no formal magazine skills under her belt, Shar surrounded herself with some experts to take the magazine this far, however, she knew the power of the content in the issues, needed to be held by her reader.

She knew it was time to turn YMag into a real life magazine.

In 2017, YMag will be distributed nationally through 5,000 Newsagencies and controlled distribution through high-end outlets and will also be available as a digital magazine online, for those who prefer.


YMag possesses a heartbeat like no other magazine in the marketplace. Beat by beat,

Beat by beat, woman by woman, our promise is to continually strive to connect, inspire and educate our readers, by searching the globe for the most suitable content and advertising partners, to ensure you, our reader, leaves inspired and fulfilled.


NB: For advertising opportunities in our launch issue, please email: editor@ymagazine.com.au


Shar Moore

CEO/Founder YMag

Shar Moore is an International Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mum and Nani. Her work with women globally, has led her to publish YMag, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves, by living their Y.


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