“Mirror Mirror, On The Wall”, by Annette Densham

“Mirror Mirror, On The Wall”
By Annette Densham

Woman sitting on grass looking at her mirror image

A Poem By Annette Densham, Editor-At-Large, YMag 


Two green eyes staring back at me

Not quite looking trying not to see

Hands on either side of my face

Bringing my focus back into place.


Why do I not see what you see?

The way you look at me should set me free.


Flabby stomach, stretch marks, big fat thighs

Finding different ways to disguise

Double chin, fine lines and tuck-shop lady arms

Oh, don’t go near me, sets off alarms.


Two blue eyes staring back at me

Trying hard to not really see

It’s so easy to avoid my gaze

Not wanting to look, a foggy haze


Why do I not see what you see?

The way you look at me should set me free.


Skinny little legs, tiny bum

How can my body be my sum?


Flat like pancakes on my chest

Not taken seriously, how could I know best?

Two brown eyes staring back at me

Frozen by avoidance, never free.


Boobs too big, fat spills over straps

This reflection feels like a trap

Crooked nose, thin straight lips

Covered up with colour and tricks – BREATHE.


Blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes

No matter height weight or size

Eyes gently closed, look deep within

My beauty is more than my skin.


Strength of spirit, loving warm arms

The nurturing heart, a soothing balm

A foot so sharp, foot with a quip

Quiet, reserved, happy to sit.


Organised, prepared, ready to go

The rock, the anchor, the person in the know.


Green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes

Rock solid strength resides inside

Mother, daughter, wife or friend

A power so electric, I want to send.


Vulnerable, tender, free to weep

I’ve stopped the battle buried deep.


I see the way I see of me

The way I look at me sets me free

The mirror is not the enemy

Content now to be just me.


Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor.

Annette Densham


Shar Moore

CEO/Founder YMag

Shar Moore is an International Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mum and Nani. Her work with women globally, has led her to publish YMag, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves, by living their Y.

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