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Make Videos That Change The World – By Rachel Dunn

  • July 31, 2018
  • By Support
Make Videos That Change The World – By Rachel Dunn
I wanted to share this story because I see so many people who have incredible video ideas but they question their concept and end up not doing anything about it.
They end up thinking it is too hard and then let it go. Those ideas. The ones that seem impossible or weird. They are the gold you are searching for.

After working with video for 20 years, I set off on my journey to follow a crazy idea about an elephant. Now this idea to me seemed mad. It all started with an image in my mind of an elephant using a camera. At this time I had no connection to elephants. I didn’t know the first thing about them. I will also add I was never one to jump on planes and follow a crazy thought.
I just had a feeling that the image that popped into my mind was an important one.
I will add here that I have always had a deep connection to animals, and I had just started to learn about animal communication. I was surprised to learn that thoughts that pop into your mind aren’t necessarily your own. Now I know some of you here are probably questioning what I said here, and I completely understand what you may be thinking. This idea about the elephant has been my biggest challenge with this documentary. I have questioned and been the biggest sceptic the whole time.

I began to question if indeed an elephant had sent this message to me telepathically.


So, I packed my bags, sold my car and set off to Thailand to start the journey. I took my DSLR, microphone and tripod and off I went on my own to find out if indeed this elephant had communicated with me. I had no idea where to look or where to go. I followed my instincts the whole time. The first elephant I met had just finished filming a Samsung Television advert using a camera. Coincidence or not?

What I found was so much more than the image in my mind. It taught me to follow my instincts; it taught me there is so much more to the world than what we can see on the surface.
By stopping and following one thought, it changed my life; it has helped the thousands of people we support with video, it also helped people have a deeper understanding of elephants.
This documentary is a very different message than any other elephant story I have ever seen.
So when I say to you. Follow your crazy idea you have with video. You have no idea what will open up for you. You can never know the personal transformation and difference it can make to your life and others lives. It is my job to inspire people to create content worth watching. Why not make something inspirational. Leave a legacy, leave a message worth clicking and watching.
I would love to hear about your crazy ideas that you want to make into videos that change the world. With our Girl Director Academy, we help people all over the world. Watch the trailer here and look out for the full documentary in February.

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Thank you. YMag Team

By Support, July 31, 2018
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