“Passion to Profit – From Small Things, Big Things Grow”, by Lyly Greca

“From the age of 15, I picked a little face off a Christmas tree at a shopping center and decided I had to sponsor her. Every year thereafter, I made it a mission to save the world one child at a time.” by Lyly Greca


My name is Lyly Greca, Creative Director and Co-Founder of an online floral enterprise that dedicates 100% profit to funding children Charities within Australia. We specialise in servicing the corporate marketing with all their floral requirements.

Our goal is to help close the poverty gap in Australia and provide every child and their family the basic rights to healthcare, education and human necessities.

My story is a simple one:

From the age of 15, I picked a little face off a Christmas tree at a shopping center and decided I had to sponsor her.

I had a very clear vision of what I wanted from life, I was very ambitious some may say.

By 23 years of age, I had 5 properties and by the age of 25 I was earning 6 figures and spending 6 months traveling and exploring the world celebrating my quarter of a century milestone.

It felt like I had it all but I wasn’t satisfied; I was thirsty for something bigger.

I knew I was destined for greater but I didn’t know what. I knew I wanted to save the world but I didn’t know how so I continued to fly high in my corporate job as a project manager, do volunteer work, donating part of my salary to various charities and taking short courses in floristry and photography to feed my hunger for creativity.

At 28, I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend, my soul mate – I felt invincible but I was still searching for that purpose.

People say having children change your life; I say it gives you a different perspective and appreciation for life.

Inspired by a friend who received amazing hospital care for her seriously ill children, I often thought and wondered how another family may feel in less fortunate circumstances financially, physically or emotionally. It made me reflect on how incredibly lucky we are. Shocked that in our lucky Country, over 10% of our current population are below the poverty line where over a quarter of them are children. We found our calling!

After weeks of brainstorming how we could help close this gap, “Miei Fiori” was born – English translation for “My Flowers” is an online floral enterprise which makes a difference.

The floral industry is worth over $780mil in Australia so determined to drive a % back into the Country by donating 100% profit from each sale to fund children’s projects across the Nation. We donated all set up costs, we made transparency a part of our company’s policy and the formation of Miei Fiori was on the way; a long side the planning of the Monash Children’s Hospital’s first ever gala where we co-hosted and donated our time, our experience and all floral.

On the night of the gala, we launched “Miei Fiori” and raised over $355k for the Monash Children’s Hospital.

In a short period since our launch, Miei Fiori made headlines and caught the attention of many who share our vision and support our mission.

Our success comes down to the following:

– Have a clear vision and give it a go

– Outsource tasks that we are not an expert or interested in doing. Pay attention to the things that we are

– Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate



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