Louise Sparkes Howarth

Helping businesses grow and flourish isn’t my job – it’s my way of life, it’s imprinted on my DNA
— Louise Sparkes Howarth

Louise Sparkes Howarth has always been in sales and marketing. She has a flair for negotiation and a passion for business development and connecting with people – and was at the peak of her career when she became pregnant. Like most women in her situation she was determined to be both a great mum and a career woman. In fact, she closed a $50K project from her hospital bed, only hours after giving birth. ‘The day my son was six weeks old, I returned to work, commuting four hours a day, carrying a laptop, breast pump, sterilising unit and mini fridge and expressing twice a day in a disabled public toilet. I was committed to having my career and being the best mum I could be.’…

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