Cancer Has Been Life And Death, For Former Chemist Lana King

The skin is a super absorber of substances both good and bad, and the products we put on our skin end up in our body.” Lana King


Cancer has been life and death for former chemist Lana King – she watched her brother in law die before her eyes.

My journey evolved after my brother-in-law got diagnosed with cancer.

“My lifestyle changed so much because of what I was hearing from doctors and clinics.”

“It wasn’t necessarily just, “Let’s operate, let’s do chemotherapy,” but it was like, “What products does he use? Does he use organic? What chemicals does he come in contact with every day? “

“This whole experience has completely changed my life, including my skin and energy levels.

Cosmetic products encourage us to look beautiful because that’s part of skin care, but they also have to contribute to overall health and longevity.

Ironically, we may be buying organic food but letting contaminate our bodies with toxic cosmetic products.”

The skin is a super absorber of substances both good and bad, and the products we put on our skin end up in our body.”

As a result, Lana King founded Create Your Cosmetics to help ladies make informed choices when it comes to cosmetic products.

“Many women are trying to stray from chemical exposure but don’t know where to start, so Create Your Cosmetics got them covered.

Lana’s passion for DIY cosmetics grew from an early age.

“Growing up in Russia women traditionally used a variety of natural ingredients to create their own cosmetics.”

“And so this became a profession of mine, now as a full-time cosmetic making expert I help to customise and create perfect lipstick shade with great precision.”

It’s not a matter of what is popular on YouTube at the moment or what celebrities wear, and it’s not a matter of one colour fits all.

A good custom-made lipstick shade, guaranteed to work perfectly with hair and skin tone.

“When creating lipstick, I help individuals with different skin complexions to pinpoint the ultimate recipe.”

Ms King, who also wrote ‘10 reasons to swap your lipstick’, runs Create Your Cosmetics classes for women in Brisbane.

“I offer classes to ladies from 18 to 65 years old, hands-on experience is all about getting the chance to play makeup-maker.”

There is a science to the perfect lipstick shade, which starts by choosing preferred ingredients that go into making a lipstick base, followed by picking the colour, which ranges from coral and orange shades to shimmery pink and brown.

Then, lipstick can be infused with a hint of fragrance such as lavender, rose, peppermint, chocolate or apple.

The liquefied lipstick is poured into a bullet-shaped mould and placed into a freezer.

“Done correctly, the perfect lipstick shade draws attention away from facial flaws and can make you look younger, sexier and more sophisticated,” Ms King said.

“My commitment is, to use only natural ingredients that are technically safe enough to eat, even for those people who do not worry about silently ingesting trace amounts of lipstick.”


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