Inspired By Fear, To Design A Life I Love”, by Anastasia

Biggest lesson?  Self. Belief.
You won’t find it anywhere but inside YOU.

Anastasia Cutting

I’d just turned 38 and landed a promotion. 

It was a creative role, working with a fun team full of energy and pretty impressive remuneration package.  But with the looming ‘F’ birthday fast approaching, I was reflecting on life and still confused about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Having been in the corporate game for twenty years, this was not part of the plan. 

After having married, divorced, traveled, bought my first home and a dog, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do.  I had always been drawn to creative industries but never found the courage to take that leap.

Despite all that, for the first time in my career, this promotion gave me a platform to stand on my own – to show my abilities, be creative and deliver.  I was encouraged to break the rules, ignore patterns and challenge everything! 

I felt re-energised!

The ‘wake up call’ wasn’t a moment – it was a buildup of events. 

I was receiving positive feedback, receiving job offers and soon realised, by simply doing what I loved I was exuding confidence, fun and positive energy.  I was attracting all of this on my own and every decision I’d made up until now, had led me here.

Although that journey had taken twenty years, I would find motivation when I pictured myself in another twenty years.  I knew how fast that time would fly and only then I would realise, that if I don’t take that leap now, it would be my biggest regret.

By age 40, I completed my Cert IV in Interior Design and landed a pretty neat retrenchment.  Now age 41, I’m in my first year of business, studying for my Diploma with half a dozen completed projects up my sleeve. 

Now if that’s not the law of attraction in full force, I don’t know what is!

Anastasia Cutting

With some professional coaching and support from friends and family, I realised it was up to me to back myself.  That’s when I started Mood Design.  A design and styling service for interiors and events, my goal is to create spaces that make you feel so good, you never want to leave.

Mood Design is more than just making things looking pretty.  It’s digging deeper and connecting with emotions to create a memorable experience.

Think about the best dining experience you ever had?  How much of it had to do with the food?

Whether you realise it or not, we are subconsciously influenced by our surroundings including colours, textures, sounds and aromas.  The best dining experiences still make you smile today.  They have created lasting memories and stories that stay with you forever.  That’s how I want my clients to feel.

It’s worlds away from my corporate life, and it’s not any easier, but the satisfaction I find in building a space that creates those emotions, memories and generates stories for people, is irreplaceable.


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