Ha-Le Thai

Ha-Le Thai
Success happens
when you live
your life with a
sense of purpose
and motivation
to overcome the
hindrances that
are ahead.
— ha-le thai

When someone has the survival skills of Ha-Le Thai, they understand the meaning of self-belief. She has encountered separation, fear, anxiety, poverty, misery and more – and now has a distinctive approach toward life and people. Wisdom has turned Ha-Le into an ‘unstoppable warrior’ and she looks forward to teaching people the art of survival. After over fifty years of fighting for survival from a dysfunctional family, the Vietnam war, becoming an asylum seeker, cancer and many other battles, she was motivated to complete her memoir Waratah. Whilst writing her memoir she also developed a formula which summarises all her strategies for success. This is a true tale of overcoming adversity through grit and determination to achieve success!

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