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New Magazine Launching July 2017

Y Hello!

We’re so glad you’re here and as hungry for change as we are!

YMag is a professional magazine for female business owners, empowering women to become the best version of themselves by offering a magazine that switches the focus from to the legal, accounting, tax, social media and technology issues involved in starting a business. We’re already a hugely successful digital magazine gaining a readership of over 8,000 switched on women in business and now it’s time to launch our print version so we can reach and empower even more savvy women like you – but we need YOUR help!

This is your chance to be involved in something very exciting. If you’re anything like us, you love to be involved with innovative, groundbreaking, positive and purposeful projects right from the start, which is Y we’d love your help to raise our target of $33,800 to bring YMag to life.

Check out our pledges on the right-hand side, for just the price of a coffee you can be part of magazine history!

Have You Got A Minute, Well 7 Actually?

To truly understand just Y you need to be part of making this incredible magazine a reality, watch our short video and hear from our Founder and CEO Shar Moore on YMag’s Y…
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Y Print A New Magazine?

Because a new women’s business movement is here and we want to inspire every woman to embrace her Y…

“Women represent a fundamental economic force that’s re-shaping the world…” Harvard Business Review.

This movement is happening right here in Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that women account for 34% of all business operators in Australia – that’s 668,670 women, just like you! Not only is this figure still rising, but it’s almost DOUBLE the number of female business owners than twenty years ago. Hundreds of millions of women worldwide have realised their dreams to run a successful business, giving themselves and their families both economic stability and self-assurance that their Y matters – we want to bring this movement to even more women.

But we’ll need your support.

Publishing a quality magazine costs money. Real money.

To bring a magazine that tackles the heart of business, celebrates female entrepreneurs and shares real, inspirational lessons from real business owners to print, it takes an awful lot of investment – not just in funds but in knowledge, expertise and time too.

Luckily, we’ve already got the knowledge and expertise covered with our Global Executive Team and our Advisory Board Experts, we just need you to pledge even just the price of a cup of coffee to help make YMag a reality!

We know that this magazine is desperately needed, we just need to raise the funds to make it happen. When the seed of an idea for YMag first came to our Founder and CEO Shar Moore in 2012, she launched an online version and since then, the magazine has evolved, culminating in so many cries from professional women around the world to turn the online version into a print magazine. So Shar has taken the plunge and with your support, YMag will launch in July 2017, as a quality printed publication.

“People Don’t Buy What You Do,
They Buy Why You Do It” 

Simon Sinek
(Author of best-selling book –
‘Start With Why’, TedTalk presenter)


This is just some of the feedback Shar has received since embarking on the YMag journey:

Helen Todd – Kind Clothing: “I stopped because they just made me feel like crap: not pretty, skinny, successful enough etc. I think I’d look for a mixture of real stories covering people’s successes and failures and real entrepreneurial journey, not just the seemingly overnight success thing.”

Kimbi Maree – Magnifique Massage, Shepparton: “I didn’t see value in all the advertising material that is slammed in them. It basically meant I was paying for advertising… I would love to see articles on motivation, nutrition through a hectic day, stories on authors of e-books for business women, financial tips, how to save money in business and personal life, advice for personal life, and stories on other entrepreneurs.”

Riss Jessie: “I stopped [buying magazines] because nothing in them interested me anymore. If it was a magazine for female entrepreneurs I would definitely be interested in reading that. Things like: social media tips and tricks, how to get started, other inspiring stories about business owners big and small. How they started, what they would have done differently if they were to do it again, cash flow, getting money to start and tips on setting up a good plan to ensure you get the right [dollars] back, tips on writing terms and conditions, how to take good pictures for social media, where else you could sell products…”

Tania Connolly – Freelance Writer: “I love magazines because I am a freelance writer and I just prefer to see photos bring stories to life while I read them, curled up on the couch. I occasionally get frustrated by some of the content, so I am very interested in a magazine for female entrepreneurs.”

Jacqui Jubb – Jacqui Jubb Copywriting: “Honestly? I still do buy mags from to time. I’ve always loved the glossy feel and the idea that you can read them in the bath with a bit of candlelight and a cup of tea or a glass of wine. So many of my mags have bath-soaked edges!! Digital consumption is not quite the same.”

Moana Robinson – B Styled for Life: “Too many ads in other magazines, gossip and lightweight content. Like-minded contributors will mean quality content for like-minded readers. Quality will attract quality.”

As you can see, so many women can’t wait for YMag to hit the shelves (and just quietly, neither can we)!

Will You Join Us?


 We want to celebrate the Y in everyone.

Our goal at YMag is to inspire every woman to realise her amazing personal and business potential. We believe that behind every incredible entrepreneur is an inner purpose and drive, otherwise known as your Y.

We help our readers find their personal Y through powerful, inspirational, educational, ‘on purpose’ articles and stories, aimed at female entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique blend of support from trailblazers who have been there before and advice that will save some of the trial and error of being in business.

We feature exclusive, real-life stories from across the globe, combined with cutting edge business strategies. Our Advisory Board of experts helps readers navigate

  • potential legal implications of starting and owning a business
  • the ins and outs of accounting
  • tax and what it means for your business
  • social media marketing strategy
  • technology considerations involved in starting a business
  • advice on the best business software
  • tried and true marketing strategies

and much, much more, to help you take that life-changing step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur and realising your Y.

We’ll not just share Y they did it, but how they did it and what they learned along the way – and how you can use these real-life failure and success stories to build your own business and discover your personal Y.

What Does Your YMag Look Like?

We don’t want to produce something that feels cheap, flimsy, lightweight and inferior. We want the physical quality of the magazine to reflect the quality content so we have decided to print on a stunning, 250gsm gloss cover and 150gsm gloss internal paper.

YMag has a heartbeat like no other magazine. Beat by beat, woman by woman, our promise is to continually strive to connect, inspire and educate you, our reader, by searching the globe for experts in their field – professional writers, photographers, proof readers, editors, social media expert and video experts.

Can you imagine opening your letterbox every quarter and this stunning, professional, high quality magazine packed with ‘how to’ business articles, actionable advice and real life success stories is waiting for you to devour?

We are excited just thinking about it! If you are too, be the first to get your hands on the first ever printed edition of Issue 1! You can even bag yourself an authenticity certificate [CLICK HERE]

Here Are Some YMag’s We Prepared Earlier… 


When Will YMag Be Available?

Because we believe in quality over quantity and know you need time to implement business strategies and advice, we have decided to release YMag on a quarterly basis.

We’ve set an on-sale date in Australia of Monday 3rd of July 2017 – and we can’t wait!

Where Will You Find YMag and How Much Will It Cost?

We are excited to announce that YMag has been accepted by the largest distributor in Australia and will be available in all leading Newsagents.

We will also have some high-end controlled distribution through select 5 star Hotels and preferred partners as well as being available on Apple iTunes, the MagStore and even our own YMag app.

Our launch issue will be available at a special price of just $9.95 and future issues will be only $14.95 for the print version and $4.95 for the digital version; but you can secure the first year’s worth of issues plus your name printed in our 2nd issue, for only $79! 

If you’re ready to start working on your Y and reading quality content that will help raise you and your business instead of focussing on the trivial and bringing you down, simply choose your pledge amount on the right hand side, scroll up to the ‘BACK THIS PROJECT’ button and you’re in!

 We would also absolutely love your support and following on social media too – you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Say hello to our Founder/CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Shar Moore


Shar is an International Gold Stevie Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author of Broke to BMW and Your Life Your Purpose, Edupreneur Award Winning Business Mentor and Entrepreneur of more than 12 years.

Shar has had an extensive corporate career in Asia, as Operations Manager overseeing 500 staff for the largest group of Spas in Thailand and National Brand Manager for a British spa brand, before moving with her family to the Middle East, where she opened a 5 Star Asian Wellness Spa in the desert of Abu Dhabi. Featured on numerous TV Shows and Media. Shar is no stranger to playing the big game.

After returning home to Australia with her family, Shar started a new venture, as a personal stylist to many professional women. Her story is like many you will read in YMag – one of true successes felt and lessons learnt during the entrepreneurial journey. Shar’s businesses were inadvertently affected by the Queensland floods and facing bankruptcy, Shar had to turn and pivot quickly, to avoid losing everything!

 It was during this time, that the seed of YMag was born:

“Sitting in my home office in late 2012, I was frustrated, desperately craving a magazineShar Blue Dress Hands Closed YMag Footer that focussed on stories of others who had walked my walk. I was struggling to find the inspiration to keep going, as I’d just endured the ‘Broke to BMW’ period in my business, after being indirectly affected by the devastating Queensland Floods.

As I searched through the hundreds of magazines available, whilst some touched on the critical success factor, not one magazine gave me what I wanted.

Was I the only one who wanted more than celebrity gossip and make-up tips? Was I the only one who was sick of being told I’m too fat, or without this product, my life is doomed?

Or were there more women out there who felt like me?”

Meet Our Editorial Director –
Susannah Pask,
We wanted to bring you the best… and found her in New York!


With 35+ years publishing experience working for and with well-known, high-end magazines, having Susannah on board allows us to be guided by an industry expert so you can be sure that when YMag lands in your letterbox, it’s going to look absolutely fantastic and deliver quality content you can’t wait to read too!

British-born Susannah Pask moved to the United States with a job, selling advertising space in a magazine. Knowing no-one and with no contacts, she worked tirelessly in the New York based magazine publishing industry, advancing rapidly to become one of the youngest female magazine Publishers in the USA. She became Associate Publisher of The Atlantic Monthly, a much respected political, intellectual and cultural publication, then Associate Publisher and Publisher of Metropolitan Home, a highly successful interior design magazine for baby boomers, before becoming Senior VP and Publisher of Bridal Guide, a weddings magazine.

These magazines all made it onto AdWeek’s Top 10 Hottest Magazines List for multiple years during her tenure. She went on to launch WJewelry, a spin-off of the prestigious W Magazine franchise for Condé Nast then took the position of Senior VP and Publisher of Luxury SpaFinder, a magazine and website for luxury spas all over the world.

Susannah has had her own freelance editorial and writing business for 6 years and has clients in London, Dubai and all over the USA. She has written for Nestle, P&G and Toyota and created websites for numerous smaller companies in many different industries.

We Asked Her Y She Was Passionate About Joining The YMag Team.

“I’ve spent my career in the luxury marketplace, selling cosmetics, fashion, cars, jewellerySusannah Pask Image 2 small and interior design products to women. I’m not disputing their importance in a woman’s life. I’ve certainly been a slave to brand names myself. However, when Shar approached me with her vision of YMag, something just clicked. Women deserve to be judged more than by their wardrobe, how slim they are and if their hair and make-up is perfect. Each of us has special talents that are there to be celebrated. I believe YMag is a voice that can resonate with women world-wide and I am excited to join the team that makes this happen”

Join Us In Welcoming Back Annette Densham
As Our ‘Editor-At-Large’!


Annette Densham loves a good story.

This love for storytelling, launched her 30-year career in print media; writinAnnette Densham copyg about forklifts to tax, to theatre lights and sport, to senior issues and health. Those skills, honed at the keyboard writing for newspapers and magazine, are now used to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors get their slice of the media pie, using stories to connect with the world and build influential brands.

As the Publicity Genie, her work has been recognised with four national and international business and PR awards, especially for her ‘Be Your Own Publicity Genie’ Program. She has secured her clients, over $4 million in free advertising through mainstream media, blogging, social media and podcasting.

We Asked Her Y She Came Back To The YMag Executive Team For The Launch Of The Magazine:

“I love telling stories. I love sharing stories. Being part of the awesome YMag editorial team means I get to talk to incredible people and share their stories. As a journalist, I know everyone has a story … some people just need a little help getting their story out. YMag is a little different from the other mags in the magazine racks – it wants to shake things up a little.

That is exciting.  I want to be a part of that.” said Annette.

Introducing YMag’s Exciting Partnership With Business In Heels…

We believe that successful entrepreneurs, have a network of supportive, influential and successful people behind them, which is Y we approached Executive Director Lisa Sweeney to partner with YMag. Being able to connect to a network that has grown to a local and international virtual media reach of more than 70,000 women, an extensive email database and 39 branches worldwide, means you get the support and network behind you to help you achieve your Y.

We Asked Lisa Y She Was Excited To Partner With Us:

business in heels

“We are excited to be partnering with YMag, our exclusive Magazine partner.

It was an easy decision for us, as we felt an alignment of values immediately. We love and support YMag’s vision, which is to empower women to become the best version of themselves, it resonates so much with us here at Business in Heels”

Are you ready to discover your Y, tap into a network of incredible women just like you and make magazine history?

Of Course You Are!

Pledge To Support Us And Bring YMag To Life! 


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Time's Up
Shar Moore

CEO/Founder YMag

Shar Moore is an International Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mum and Nani. Her work with women globally, has led her to publish YMag, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves, by living their Y.

  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing a classy, quality magazine for women who are passionate about what they do and for women who are inspired and inspiring! There are no limits to the possibilities for women today and the more we learn and are open to these possibilities the better the world will be. Congratulations Shar

  2. Love what you are doing have not brought a magazine for 20 years refuse to fund something so negative with NO morals

  3. This magazine is soo needed. I am so excited look forward to reading your first, with many more to follow. Woman empowering woman such a positive.

  4. Congratulations Shar … I think your vision re YMAG is perfect in timing and being in Print is a great medium .. Will you be including CRM Solutions .. Happy to contribute Bron

    ps a friend leaves her book at airports around the world with a note inside to take a photo and post to facebook then pay it forward and leave it somewhere

    1. Y Hello Bronwyn! Thanks so much and yes women are craving a positive, inspirational business magazine like YMag. Will keep it in mind thanks and once you see the Mag (on sale 3rd July) please get in touch. Shar

  5. Well done Shar sorry I have been meaning to this for a while, I did try the other day but could not remember my PayPal password lol. Anyway well done, you are nearly there, cant wait for a copy xx

  6. I would be so excited at an amazing opportunity to advertise in you YMag. There are so many junky mags out there truly. I would love to advertise my book “A Simply Drive Home.’ Without Annette Densham this book would not of happened a brillant editor, lady and my friend. Lisa Constantine writer, speaker and author.

  7. Support The Girls is all about empowering women who have hit rock bottom. Being able to promote our cause and promote our cause would be an incredible opportunity to facilitate far greater support in our community.

    We love that there will be a magazine dedicated to women, but more importantly acknowledging the real ups and downs of what women can endure. It will be real.

    I wish you nothing but success in this venture.

  8. Awesome Shar. Have pledged in the hope of helping this magazine get off the ground, (not that you need help, of course ). Am so proud to be able to contribute to your vision… and for that I thank you. Tony Scarcia.

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