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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – By Moana Robinson

  • October 26, 2018
  • By Sheridan
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – By Moana Robinson

Susan Jeffers wrote “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”.   Look at saying “yes” to opportunities.  If  “no” look at why are you saying no?

Fears could come up about anything …travelling to a different country, trying a new sport, or starting a new business. It could be seeing your first client, meeting the new in-laws or going for a job interview,

One of the biggest fears a lot of people have is of public speaking. I co-presented at a workshop with a friend recently. I spoke on creating that important first impression. Janeen spoke on speaking well.  Some of the women who attended the workshop were out of their comfort zone even attending. They worked by themselves or had spent a lot of time away from groups of people. They took that first step by attending the event and then by introducing themselves.

One woman admitted how she felt.  She instantly became an inspiration to others.  This woman made herself vulnerable.  By doing this, the next woman felt better about opening up.

Making yourself vulnerable, putting yourself out there to feel the fear and doing it anyway is very powerful.  It not only encourages others to step up – it makes you realize that fears are based on your own limiting beliefs.  You can survive and thrive.  Even if you try something just once you then have that experience as part of your life.

Being worried about what others think is one of the most common reasons that people don’t do something they want to do.  As coaches, we all know the “Be, Do, Have” and that it is important to Be who we need to Be …so that we can Do what we need to Do …so that we can Have what we want to Have.  Be brave and do something that scares you a bit every day.  You will then HAVE that experience and the knowledge that you did it.

I worried for too many years about what people might think.  I realize now that unless you stop and think about WHY you are saying no to something you could be cheating yourself out of an experience.   Life is to be experienced not just watched.

The experience you say “yes” to may be something that is repeated or not.  It may be something that leads to a whole new facet of your life.  Take the plunge next time you are offered an opportunity, Stay true to you and yours.

Public speaking is something I love and it terrified me years ago.   Being body painted in public was a “one off” experience.  It definitely wasn’t on my “bucket list”.  I said yes.  I felt fear and did it anyway.  My only fear was “what will people think” – I did not let that stop me.


After all public speaking, going for a skydive and other experiences started with fear and now I am pleased I took the opportunities.


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By Sheridan, October 26, 2018
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