“The Evolution Of My Y and The Importance Of Evolving”, by Jennifer Jefferies

I never dreamed that I would have sixty-two children and here I am today,
so grateful that I do.
Jennifer Jefferies

Jennifer Jefferies

The 1980’s were such a fun time in business.

The idea was to work hard and play harder. That was how I worked in the pharmacy industry and the only challenge was that it had no longevity.

At 27 I burned out and turned to natural health for answers. I was so surprised with the results, that I reinvented myself to become a Naturopath and I found my “Y” in life. I wanted to help women prevent burnout.  My clinic years were successful; the challenge was with the frustration of only being able to help a limited number of people. I was restricted in how many patients I could see a week. So, I reinvented myself.

I brain dumped what I was telling my patients, which evolved into twelve self-published books and took my message to the world, speaking on how to live from a place of prevention.

Then fifty approached.

I found myself restless, even though I had found my purpose of helping people with their health. The restlessness was, that I was only half way through my life and what was next?

Backtrack eight years. I was on a trip to Thailand with my partner and we visited a village in a very poor rural part of the country. On that visit, we found a young orphan named Q.

His parents had died of AIDS and he was wandering around the village with very little adult support or supervision. My partner and I fell in love with him and tried to adopt him. Being gay made this impossible. So we committed to look after him, supporting him financially for school and basic needs. Advance to June 2014 when I walked The Camino de Santiago (aka The Way).

This is an 800+km pilgrimage from the south of France and across to the west coast of Spain.  While walking The Way over that month, I let my mind ponder deeply, why I am here and what I want to do with the second chapter of my life. My drive to continue to help others with their health was absolute. What also came through, was a definitive calling for me to help children like our “son” Q to have a better life. When I returned from The Camino I established The Q Foundation, a foundation based around bringing health, hope and happiness to children in poverty.

Thai Kids Jen Jefferies

To date we have sixty-two children in our care. They live within the village environment and are not all orphans. Some are simply desperately poor and would not be in school without our support.  We feed and clothe them and transport them to school, and… give them hope.

I truly found my Y, I believe that women living the second chapter of their lives are here to live the role of the “Crone”. The wise woman is one who has the time freedom to give back and inspire.

It will show up differently for us all, however, we have to be present to hear the call and not burned out in survival mode.  Helping women live the second chapter in their full glory, awesome health and hearts and heads, full of life experiences to be passed down.

My Y today is helping others find theirs.      



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