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Dress Codes For Events – By Moana Robinson

  • July 18, 2018
  • By Support
Dress Codes For Events – By Moana Robinson

Following is a Dress Code guideline for Work and Various Other Events:

Business Casual Dress Code

(For Example – Networking Events, Day to Day Work)

Women: Skirts, dress pants, long-sleeved or three-quarter sleeved tops, dresses and jackets with long, short or three-quarter sleeves

Men: Buttoned or polo shirt, with dress pants, V-neck sweater, blazer or sports coat.  Ties are optional


Smart Casual Dress Code

(For Example –  Office Parties, Happy Hours and business lunches)

Women:  Skirts or dress pants, with blouses and high heels

Men: Dressy trousers with collared shirts and loafers


Dressy Casual Dress Code

(For example Church occasions, special invitations)

Women:  Dress pants or skirt, nice blouse or shirt, classy looking flat shoes, dresses and a nice casual jacket

Men: Trousers and dress shirt with leather loafers or slip on shoes, blazer or sports jacket can be worn with a shirt, use co-ordinating colours, tie is optional


Cocktail Dress Code

(For example birthday parties and social and work events)

Women: Shortish dress depending on body shape and height, frills are good and the classic “little black dress” is always going to work.  Accessorize according to your style personality and the occasion

Men: Wear a dark suit and tie, jeans with shirt, jacket and tie is acceptable at some events

Lounge Dress Code

(Daytime Events, Birthday Parties, Business Breakfasts, Afternoon Tea, Funerals*)

Women: Dresses that would be appropriate for brunch or afternoon tea, jacket or bolero to cover arms

Men: Suits are good, white shirts, ties would usually be optional


White Tie Dress Code

(For example:  Charity Fundraisers, Ceremonies, Formal weddings)

Women:  Long length and accessorize as formal as you like with gloves and bling!  Now is your chance for glamorous up-do hairstyles

Men:  Short or waist length black tailcoat (reaching to the back of the knees), white bow tie, white shirt and optional cummerbund, black pants


Black Tie Dress Code

(For Example: Charity Fundraisers, Political Dinner Parties and formal weddings)

Women:  Dressy cocktail dress or full length ball gown.  Now is your chance to really get dressed up!  Bling and special hairstyles

Men: Dark suit or tuxedo without tails, white shirt and tie or bow tie with or without a test and cummerbund


*Special Note- Funerals are something that deserve a special mention.  Even though my husband doesn’t usually wear a shirt and tie he always wears one to a funeral out of respect.  Depending on the culture and religion the best idea would be to always dress with respect to the occasion and for the person concerned and their expressed wishes.

Contact Moana Robinson from B Styled for Life  to find out more on

1300 366 675 moana@bstyledforlife.com.au

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By Support, July 18, 2018
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