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Do Your Goals Overwhelm You? by Beck Cofrancesco

  • March 19, 2019
  • By Support
Do Your Goals Overwhelm You? by Beck Cofrancesco

When you have too many goals it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. 
Here’s my surefire way on how to get rid of the overwhelm and focus on the one thing that will get you results.

Do your goals overwhelm you?
Like most business owners at this time of year I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my goals. 

I have goals for my business, goals for life and goals on how I want my days to pan out. Which is great. It helps me see the big picture, understanding my why and what’s important to keeping me happy and healthy. 

But. With so many goals it ends up making me feel overwhelmed and out of my depth.

I couldn’t possibly do all that could I?

It’s one of the reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail. Too much too soon where it becomes easier to ditch the goal than keep going with the small steps. 

What works for me when I’m feeling this way is to narrow down my goals to just one. 
Give it all my laser sharp focus and attention so that I can see it through to the end before I start on the next one. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Pick a goal that means the most to you
When I suggest to clients that we should focus on one goal at a time it’s often met with an objection of, “But my business has multiple goals. I can’t just focus on one.”

But, focusing on one goal doesn’t mean giving up the others. 

It simply means directing your energy to ticking one off your list for the time being and putting the others on hold for now. 

”For now” could be this week or the next few months. The important thing is that you’re focusing on one goal without feeling the pressure to do all the things.

Here’s a quick prioritising exercise for you to try:

Step 1: 
Take a look at everything you’re working on now

Step 2: 
Ask the question ‘What will have the most positive impact on my business right now?

Step 3: 
Do you have the resources (time and money) to make your goal happen to the best of your ability. 

If your answer to Question 3 is yes – go for it. Focus as much time and energy in getting that one goal done. 
If the answer was no, look at what’s next on your list and so on and so on.

How this applies to marketing
Small business owners feel the pressure to do all they can to grow – build a website, build a list, master SEO, send an email, blog every day, hold an event, host a webinar, go on a podcast, advertise, get on social media, be there every day, etc etc. It’s a lot isn’t it?

Especially if you don’t have a support team in place yet. 

So instead of doing everything well, you’re spread too thin and it shows. You likely give up because either it doesn’t work or you’re not sure which bits do work.

When you choose one strategy at a time you have a chance to get it right. Developing your capabilities and setting a foundation to grow. 

With one strategy you can adapt quickly, testing and learning what works/doesn’t work with your customers and you can streamline the process so you’re operating efficiently.

All those things I mentioned above are super important, but I’m giving you permission to pick one. Absolutely nail it – then, add another marketing tactic to your mix.

Multi-tasking is overrated
As women, we wear our ability to multi-task as a badge of honour but in business it doesn’t do us any favours. Spreading ourselves too thin makes us feel burn-out and stifled creatively. 

So, my challenge to you is to get laser sharp focus.

Decide the one thing you need to do to take your business to the next level and Go-For-It.

Do everything you can to make it a success and measure effectiveness. You’ll know when it’s time to introduce your next goal. And, you’ll know when to ditch it if it’s not getting you the results you need.


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Marketing Strategist & Content Creator, Marketing Goodness

Beck works with people who are ready to grow their business through marketing, helping them understand where to start and what to say.

To work with Beck email beck@marketinggoodness.com.au
You can follow her Facebook or Instagram accounts.

By Support, March 19, 2019
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  • Natalie Carpenter
    March 27, 2019

    Really great story from Beck Cofrancesco, I have always found Beck/Marketing Goodness to be straightforward, easy to understand and just really seems to ‘get it’regardless of the industry. I am very glad to see some of her handy and helpful advice published. Well done.

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