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My Daughters Breakdown Transformed My Life – By Megan Holgate

  • April 4, 2018
  • By Support
My Daughters Breakdown Transformed My Life – By Megan Holgate

I know now in hindsight, when we are still, when we listen to our intuition, we will be guided to our true purpose.  23 years ago, sitting on a Qantas plane with my 8-week old baby daughter in my arms, I kept thinking – ‘What just happened?’

24-hours earlier I was enjoying dinner with my husband, in our apartment overlooking Repulse Bay in Hong Kong.

All of that was in my past, it was all gone.  My marriage, my husband, my home, my career, my friends – gone.   My husband had informed me our marriage was Over.’



After 7 years together, My Husband, a Narcissist was discarding me, the third stage of a relationship with a Narcissist


Life threw me a far tougher curveball!   My daughter nearly died from Anorexia, seven short years after her and I had nursed her father through Brain Cancer.

That is when I had my AHA moment.  I quit my role in the financial markets, sold my home in Sydney’s, and moved to a beautiful country town Byron Bay, where my daughter attended one of the world’s best private rehabilitation facilities.  Here the people embraced us, living in a beautiful, calm and nurturing environment while my daughter had extensive therapy.

As my daughter healed, so did I.  The trauma I had kept locked within me, from my sudden and vicious divorce from her Narcissistic Investment Banker Father, at last I was able to release.  I finally had the time to stop, to smell the roses, and that’s when I knew I couldn’t return to my corporate life, I was done, finished

During my divorce battle, I had made a pact to myself, when I was strong again, to help other women who were suffering through their divorce to a Narcissist as I had.

That day had arrived.  I signed up and studied Life coaching and I found my TRUE PURPOSE in life – Life Coaching, and my Divorce Coaching business was born.

Being in a marriage with a narcissist, is a form of domestic violence.  Victims fall outside of society’s definition of violence, yet suffer tremendously and silently over many years, at great cost to their careers, health and future relationships.


This is not ok and should be part of the #MeToo conversation.  Big Little Lies highlighted domestic violence, but it’s still regarded broadly as only physical violence.

When clients ask for guidance to find their purpose, I advise them to be still, to listen to their intuition, as it will always guide you towards the right path.

Being a Life Coach specialising in helping women either navigate divorce or recovery from a Narcissist, gives me so much internal joy and inner fulfilment, I never knew existed in association with a career.

My life today is like a dream, I found my true path in life as a Life Coach, but most importantly having my daughter thriving on her pathway to recovery, life could not be any more beautiful.

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By Support, April 4, 2018
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