Catherine Wood

Catherine Wood
I want more than anything in the world to help
people. Nothing in this world gives me more inner
joy and peace than helping people be the best
version of themselves that they can be but more
importantly to know and feel love. My dream is to
show the world that there is another world, one
that makes so much sense, one that takes out the
suffering and confusion and one that shows you
how to heal yourself from the inside out and not
rely on someone else to heal you
— Catherine Wood

Teaching the core principles of sacred love, sacred sexuality, Kama Sutra, esoteric teachings and relationship counselling. If you’ve been curious about the study of tantra, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more passionate and devoted follower of the world’s oldest healing philosophy than Catherine Wood, who runs the Sanctuary of Ananda. She’s the published author of The Way of the Heart, Tantra Empowerment for Women and Connecting with Your Soul, and she’s been featured on Channel 9’s Couch TV program, ‘What Women Want’, and was honoured in 2017 as an ExtraOrdinary Business Woman. In 2018, she won a prestigious ‘Soulful Communicator’ award at the Perth Convention Centre from Better Life Book Stores. We asked Catherine to explain exactly what tantra is…


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