The Importance of Connection in Life and Business – YMag Team

Time – this is the most common reason women don’t invest in themselves and attend events.

With life, career, commitments and family, taking the time to invest in ourselves is the biggest pushback for most women. For some reason, we find the idea of giving back to ourselves very difficult to execute.

What if I told you that your business and career could be elevated simply by connecting with people in a room? That your future self would thank you for the opportunity to build and cultivate relationships at an event that would inspire and take you to the next level?

For many of us, working digitally has isolated us from the traditional office environment. The value of making face-to-face connections with people will take your relationships to the next level. It allows people to connect in a way that is simply impossible online.

The value of face-to-face networking is being recognized as one of the most powerful tools available for increasing one’s personal exposure, creating meaningful relationships and providing growth opportunities at a personal and professional level.

In addition to the actual networking opportunities at events, is the exposure to the guest speakers and facilitators. How often do you have the opportunity to be in a room with well-known leaders in business and life? To have the opportunity to speak with them, connect and be incredibly inspired?

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By the end of the weekend, you will have learned powerful and easy to implement tools to grow your business,
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