Letting Go of Perfectionism So You Nail Your Videos - Jenny de Lacy

One of the most common reasons women have for NOT using video in their business is that they are a perfectionist. That they want to wait until it’s perfect before it goes out. That they aren’t happy with what they look or sound like, or what they say, and end up doing squillions of takes and give up in despair, as it wasn’t ‘perfect’

What even IS perfect?

It’s such a common word, but what does it even mean? It’s an ideal that we may never achieve. I don’t think the people who say it to me even know what perfect looks like to them either.

5 kilos lighter, hair do like beyonce, a stylist and make up artist on site, a TV crew with all the right lights and camera, mics and editing suites….

But guess what?

None of that will be perfect either.

You have to be super comfortable in what you CAN control, namely your energy, and your message.

People Remember How You Make Them Feel

This quote:

They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

It’s been attributed to multiple speakers, writers and commentators over the last 40 or so years (Frank A. Patterson Jr., Maya Angelou, Carl W. Buehner,  Carl W. Buechner, Carol Buchner, Don Aslett, Jerry Johnston)

Regardless, it’s such an important quote.

How do you want people to feel when they watch your videos? Empowered? Relaxed and Calm? Inspired, fired up, challenged, conflicted?

Start there, and think about those messages you want to share (more about that in future articles) and then get practicing.

Perfect = YOU speaking conversationally and confidently as YOU

So there you go – THAT’S what ‘perfect’ means. Get your energy and message right, and the mechanics of video will take care of themselves. Go through your ‘script’, ie your key points, and what you’d like to say for each, keeping it short, and using your voice recorder to practice a little.

And check the following simple things and your videos will ROCK:

  • Can they see me?

  • Can they hear me?

  • What’s behind me? (#dontshareyourknickers)

  • Find the camera lens

  • Camera at eye level.

Easy peasy lemon squeasy

You know the principle KISS? (Keep it Simple Sister…) Well it applies here more than ever.

Don’t over complicated, overthink or over DO your videos. Just start. Everyone gets better. I promise.

About the writer:

Jenny De Lacy is a video communications specialist, educator and speaker, helping you to implement video to grow your people, profile and profit!

Find her at https://thevisibilitycoach.com.au, on Facebook https://facebook.com/jennythevisibilitycoach and on LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/JennyDeLacy