How Important is Your Credit Score and Credit Health? - Victoria Coster

Credit Fix Solutions is the only No Result No Fee credit repair company in Australia that is pioneering the credit repair space by offering credit report improvement services at no cost unless they can get a result.  Most credit repair companies charge upfront fees, or they claim to offer No Result No Fee but have hidden ‘application fees. 

How much difference can an improved credit score make for consumers, especially when it comes to the availability of better financial products?

An improved credit score has a huge difference on the financial freedom for families and businesses. In one case, a client of ours had been chosen for a $10,000,000 tender contract but needed a $1,000,000 loan for equipment finance.  However, they had a default on their company credit report which had damaged their score, dropping it to 500, which meant they couldn’t get finance approved.  Improving the company credit score had a hugely positive impact on their local economy.

What are some common mistakes your team finds on credit reports, and how can someone be confident that their credit report is accurate?

Common errors can include, but are not limited to, warning notices being sent incorrectly, disputes not being resolved prior to a default listing and insufficient financial assistance offered at a time of hardship.  Consumers should check their credit report and credit score on a regular basis to be confident that the contents are accurate.  We suggest using the Equifax alert system, which is only $89.95 for 12 months.  Equifax email an updated score every month and will also notify the individual of any alerts or accesses to the report which is important to monitor.

With a 85% success rate, how does Credit Fix Solutions manage to stand out among other credit repair firms?

CFS is the only credit repair company that is trusted by the mortgage finance industry.  We are seen by most finance brokers as the #1 trusted credit repair company, and this makes us stand out from the crowd. 

How much of a priority does Credit Fix Solutions place on helping clients become more aware of credit and their overall financial options?

Our vision at CFS is to educate consumers and finance professionals as much as possible when it comes to credit reporting.  We run educational workshops around the country at our own expense every year, to educate as many people as possible.  I have also spoken at schools, local Chamber of Commerce and other industry events to try to educate school leavers and adults about the importance of protecting and understanding their credit score and report. 

We publish educational articles on our website on a regular basis and have a free credit repair eBook that anyone can download from our site, which includes information on credit scoring and even DIY credit repair options.