YMag Advisory Board Members

Meet Christina…

“I truly believe in an
opportunity to help women to understand that true success is living according to your values – where we get the things done that really matter.

How to live that life is about your belief, conviction, commitment and your ability to adopt an excuse free culture.

I look forward to helping women through the YMag community”

Christina Guidotti
Founder of Leading Women


Meet Suki…

“I am very proud to be joining YMag’s advisory board as the official Competitions Expert as I believe a magazine like YMag is long overdue.

Since starting a successful business, I’ve quickly learnt that support, knowledge and collaboration are invaluable.

So too, is learning from people who have walked the path before you – which is why I’m keen to share my expertise in promoting and marketing small businesses so you have the knowledge and support to grow yours..”

Suki Harrison
Chief Paper Folder

Meet Yvette…

“I have decided to be on the advisory board of YMag because I’m a big believer that digital literacy is the new financial literacy.

If you have digital skills and know how to market your business online, it will help you be successful in business.

I’m always keen to support professional women succeed in business, having started 6 businesses myself and wish that something positive, educational and inspirational like YMag was around when I was starting out.”

Yvette Adams
Founder – The Creative Collective

Meet Pauline…

“Women make 85% of all buying decisions, yet we are still being taught to market to men.

Women business owners have wonderful, mindful and heartfelt products and services that can’t reach their market because of the language they use. I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to become the success they desire and deserve.

YMag is filled with useable and instantly implementable information.”

Pauline Longdon
Chief Wordweaver

Meet Cathryn…

“As ‘The Legal Lioness’, my driving force is to help small businesses avoid the devastation of legal mistakes. This stubborn determination comes from being pushed around as a kid… I now use my legal skills to prevent small business from being pushed around.

YMag is an amazing platform that enables me to share my legal knowledge to help businesses to avoid legal pitfalls, while learning from incredible professionals in other fields.”

Cathryn Warburton
The Legal Lioness


Meet Darren…

“When I was presented with the opportunity to be on the YMag Advisory Board, I jumped at the chance. As a single Dad to 2 amazing little girls, I thought this was a great way for me to be part of the future that they inherit.

For women in business it is important that you OWN who you are so you can have the confidence to do what you need and want to do. It worries me that I am seeing my 11y.o. daughter becoming image conscious already. And because being seen and being on video is SO important in business now, I want to give each and ever one of you the confidence and the know how to do all of that and more.”

Darren Burgess


Meet Cindy…

“Professional imagery for your business goes far beyond traditional headshots. Within the environment of social networking and digital engagement, businesses are seeking solutions for creating strong visuals to accompany and support their written content.  They are looking to create visuals which: tell more of the stories within their business; identifies their successes and targets the clients that they want to attract more of.

Being on the advisory board of YMag I hope to be able to provide some insight into how businesses can up the anti with regards to their brand and communicating stronger messages to their clients.”

Cindy Lee
Studio 4 Media

Meet Amelia…

“YMag empowers women to become the best version of themselves, which is exactly what my mission is! I have seen first hand the powerful effects of nourishing food, targeted exercise and simple mindset shifts. I also get that life is busy, it’s messy, unpredictable and the best intentions don’t always go to plan. And that’s what I’m here for, to inspire you to keep your mental and physical health as a top priority.

I’m a Mum of three munchkins under five, the co-founder of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and Voome, plus a nutritionist and trainer. I’ve been in the wellness industry for over 20 years, but I’m also a realist, a business woman and mum, and my advice reflects this busy life.

My goal is to provide the women of YMag with real, researched, actionable steps that will make them healthier, fitter, and more proud of their incredible bodies (that’s what my business Voome is all about!). Together with the rest of the YMag team, we will have you feeling driven and empowered to not only find your Y, but to stop at nothing until you get it.”

Amelia Phillips
Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Meet Patty…

“The commonly asked question I get asked is, “Why do I do, what I do?” Here’s my Y…

My heart hurts when I see human beings with an inability to express their deepest desires, whether it because you have NO idea what you want, putting your dreams on the backburner, or you didn’t feel worthy enough to be deserving, the list can be everlasting, and it needs to STOP!

My life’s mission is to shake up how people think about intimacy, I have a unique style of coaching with my live shows, playshops or one to one coaching, sharing my story with transparency and pure vulnerability, with sprinkles of feeling good about ourselves and a strong self of self.

I educate HOW to do that self-love & self-confidence thang! Good healthy relationships start and end with self-respect. When you feel empowered, you will embrace your authenticity, and when you love yourself, you look at things differently, expressing yourself without shame or guilt.

Aligning my message with YMag, together we can bring self-awareness to the forefront of our conscious minds, providing content with real life tips and stories.

Much Love & Abundance”

Patty-Ann Waho
Sex-Life & Intimacy Specialist Coach